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Project Entrustment Management
Assist the owner in the management and control of quality, safety, schedule, cost, contract, and information at each stage of the project

EICM Project Entrustment Management

Many engineering and construction projects today are becoming increasingly complex. For many owners (investors, developers, contractors, construction units) who have construction projects. Because it does not have professionals (architecture, structure, electromechanical, municipal, decoration, cost, design, etc.), or does not have a sufficient number and ability of professionals. Many functions are beyond the management capabilities and scope of the owner. Professional project consulting and management companies are often required to send project managers (and their teams) with rich engineering project management experience. On behalf of the owner, we provide entrusted management and services for the entire process or several stages of the organization and implementation of the project.

Engineering project entrustment management services include project planning, project organization, project control, project coordination, project supervision, project acceptance, etc.

EICM It is an engineering consulting and management company (PM company for short). We are the owners (investors, developers, contractors, construction units) of new construction, reconstruction, and expansion projects for Chinese and foreign enterprises, commercial enterprises, and industrial enterprises. Provide engineering project entrustment management services including design management, construction application management, project contracting and material procurement management, construction management, and trial operation (completion acceptance). Assist the owner in managing and controlling the quality, safety, progress, cost, contract, information, etc. of the project.

In order to achieve the project objectives, we plan, organize, coordinate and control a series of activities for the construction cycle of engineering projects by using scientific ideas, procedures and methods, and adopting advanced management techniques and means.

EICM Engineering Project Management Mode

EICM Basic Contents Of Engineering Consulting Management

1. Familiar with and understood the project situation, and carried out the handover of preliminary work with the client (including the submission of preliminary materials).

2. Design management: organize and complete scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design and other engineering professional design, supervise and check the design progress, review design documents and ensure design quality.

3. Procurement management: organizing bidding for consulting, survey and design, supervision, construction and materials and equipment.

4. Application for construction: Organize the application for project planning permit, construction permit, and the application for approval of fire protection, garden, municipal and other functional departments.

5. Preparation for construction: Responsible for organizing various on-site preparations before construction, including but not limited to site planning, temporary construction and installation, water and electricity connection, municipal road connection, etc.

1. Schedule management: Responsible for organizing and compiling the overall control plan, annual plan and monthly plan of the project, and supervising the implementation.

2. Cost management: responsible for preparing annual fund use plan and monthly fund use plan; Responsible for cost accounting, quantity measurement, material pricing, change negotiation and audit, etc.

3. Quality management: Responsible for clarifying the quality management objectives of the project, establishing the quality management system of the project, organizing the compilation of relevant quality management systems and quality management plans and supervising their implementation.

4. Contract management: Responsible for establishing the contract management system of the project, preparing, reviewing and negotiating various contracts related to the project and assisting the client to sign contracts. Manage the party in accordance with the contract and assist the client to sign supplementary agreements when necessary.

5.HSE management: Responsible for establishing the HSE management system of the project, implementing the responsibilities of all parties, and ensuring that the safety, environmental protection and civilized construction of the site are always under control.

6. Archives and data management: Responsible for the establishment of engineering archives and data management system of the project, and the establishment of full-time data staff to classify, file, save, manage and keep confidential engineering files.

1. Acceptance management: responsible for organizing project process acceptance, fire control acceptance and completion acceptance.

2. Settlement and audit: responsible for the project settlement and cooperate with the entrusting party to complete the project audit.

3. Completion filing: Responsible for completing the project completion filing and handing over the construction files to the client.

4. Project handover: Responsible for assisting the client to transfer the project to the property management company and organizing the training of property management personnel.

5. Trial operation and driving protection: During the trial operation of the project, responsible for organizing related units to carry out driving protection.

6. Warranty: Assist the owner to coordinate the related work during the warranty period.

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Engineering Consulting Management  

To provide high-efficiency, low-cost enterprise project management consulting services for business owners with construction projects. It focuses on helping companies improve project delivery efficiency, analyzing and improving project management processes, and building a culture.

Engineering Consulting Management
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